Online casino games are immensely entertaining, but we all know that winning is so much fun. That’s probably why Casino cruise blackjack remains the most played table game and a timeless favorite among amateurs and professionals. It carries a low house edge, is easy to learn and keeps rewarding those who persevere and play by the rules. Use the right strategy to improve the odds of winning, learn from your mistakes and have tons of fun playing one of the dozen Cruise blackjack versions.

casino cruise blackjack games

American Blackjack

American blackjack is one of the preferred Casino cruise online games, largely because of its simplicity and low house edge. Dealers hit at soft 17, so players can factor that in when drawing for another card. Just as the name suggests, the game was played intensively in Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos. Today it is brought to the fingertips of those who gamble over the Internet and have made Casino cruise their home. Blackjack pays 3:2 and players can double down once, split pairs and also ask for insurance.

Classic Blackjack

The path to Casino cruise real money blackjack games begins with a single step and usually at the Classic Blackjack tables. It uses just one deck of cards and even though they are shuffled after each round, it gives players the feeling that they are in control. The dealer has to stand at 17, but players enjoy a great deal of freedom, since they can double the stakes and split pairs. At live dealer Cruise online blackjack tables players need to bet real money, but they can wager small amounts or place larger bets.

Grand VIP Blackjack

The place to be if you are a highroller and play casino cruise blackjack is surely at the Grand VIP Blackjack tables. The name speaks for itself and once you sit down among fellow highrollers, you can bet larger amounts. You will be playing against the same low house edge of less than 1%, which can be further decreased by using the right strategies. A beautiful design, the very best dealers in the game and an atmosphere that makes you feel like in Las Vegas are just some of the things to expect here.

Single Deck Blackjack

Casino Cruise blackjack players who think that they can improve the odds of winning by counting cards love Single Deck Blackjack. Nevermind the fact that the cards are shuffled after each hand, because it’s the feeling that matters and a not so negligible house edge of 0.15%. It really doesn’t get any lower than this, so if there’s one game to beat through sheer strategy and commitment, it is Single Deck Blackjack.

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